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Here you find a selection of blogs related to Alexander Technique. It's based on the sites I found on the Alexander Technique Blogs site, unfortunately not all sites there offered a working feed. Feel free to add your own feed here.

If this is too much at once, have a look at the AT Blog of the week, a highly subjective choice of 'bestest' blog posts.


Ann Seeker's Blog

Gurdjieff Seminar - Ann Seeker - 2010/08/09 19:05

Information on Gurdjieff Seminar...

New Paintings - Ann Seeker - 2010/08/08 01:31

I've taken the summer off from blogging, but I have been doing some painting. Click on My Paintings on the left to see Bora Bora. Also, Bruce Freedman has a new painting - Patterns of Growth....

Gurdjieff and the Tomorrow Disease - Ann Seeker - 2010/06/16 20:19

Gurdjieff and the Tomorrow Disease...

Gurdjieff, Lithops and Multiple "I"s - Ann Seeker - 2010/06/09 18:49

Gurdjieff, Lithops and Multiple "I"s...

Gurdjieff on Centers - Ann Seeker - 2010/06/06 23:18

Gurdjieff on Centers...


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Jeff Hall's Alexander Technique Blog[]

Lessons from the chair[]

Mornum Time[]

Noel's Blog[]

Placelore (Ted McNamara)[]

Pilgrim - Ted McNamara - 2020/03/09 09:36

Through the thick darkness of the night I travel from Rishikesh, passing as I go thousands of chanting, flower-carrying pilgrims walking towards Haridwar, a city situated on the river Ganges. It is a...

Witness - Ted McNamara - 2019/05/09 11:29

The lonely wind cuts my tears apart falling in the cold rain, how beautiful the fragrant flowers of Spring....

What is I am - Ted McNamara - 2019/04/12 08:24

Hold me so that I may go falling into the tears of life for this is I am. Enfold me in your arms so I may feel safely the pain which prepares, cleanses me for being within and after will......

Sunset - Ted McNamara - 2019/03/29 09:31

Slowly the west reaches for clothes of new colors which it passes to a row of ancient trees. You look, and soon these two worlds both leave you one part climbs toward heaven, one sinks to earth. leavi...

Through the Wound - Ted McNamara - 2018/10/14 15:02

Through the wound comes the healing: a relationship formed in the tenderness of loss, the little girl lost the little boy searching for God their roots became twisted: searching through the ages towar...

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