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"We are giants, who were raised by dwarfs and therefore we got used to run around with a humpback." Although I spend 13 years of my life with primary and secondary education, and some more years in tertiary education, I do not consider the current education system as very useful.

Most of the things I learned in school I already forgot, without any negative consequences for my career or life in general. In retrospect, learning to read, write and calculate should not have taken that long. I also missed pragmatic aspects a lot, eg information about nutrition, how they body works, coping with stress and emotional irritations, just to name a few.

We encountered the transition of the industrial age into the age of information and service, yet education still produces the work force (and mentality) required for industrial production. A change from competition towards cooperation would help creating team players instead of factory drones.

We have to open the discussion about the goals of our education system, and redefinition of the aims might as well include the Alexander Technique. But not only the working environment has changed, the psychological understanding of learning processes has increased, but has no influence yet on the structure of school and universities. Instead, new systems to measure the success are implemented - even though we have no idea where to go and why, we measure how fast we get there.