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  • Aging gracefully with #poise instead of pain. Alexander Technique? #at4u
  • Turn Back the Clock on Aging. Learn Alexander Technique. #at4u #aging
  • Let Alexander Technique teach you spinal lengthening & keep your height as you age #AT4u #aging
  • When you know Alexander Technique, you'll think of getting longer, not older. #AT4u

All purpose[]

  • If "action is just thinking that passes through our muscles," (Dr. de Bono), then the Alex Tech makes us smarter thinkers-in-action #AT4U
  • Alexander Technique Twitter Project: Give the Technique the recognition it deserves by contributing a few minutes a week
  • Preventing destructive habits and applying reasoning in their place, FM Alexander discovered a simple process to change the world. #at4u
  • Alexander Technique zeros the brain's RAS, so you automatically & intelligently choose apt survival responses during emergency. #AT4U
  • Alexander technique is self-organization for your body. #at4u #body #health
  • Carol Ann Duffy wrote, ' In moments of grace we were verbs'. Alexander Technique verbs me. #at4u #flow
  • Tap the unknown for new info with Alexander Technique: to learn skills, polish talent, unlearning habit or sharpening awareness #AT4U
  • Alexander Technique allows wiping the slate clean from serving too many opposing priorities #AT4U
  • Alexander Technique - unify intention while you move. #AT4U
  • Use the other 5/6ths of your brain by studying movement orientation and how to get beyond the limitations of habit #AT4U
  • Animation of how breathing works: diaphragm+ribs moving in and out. You'll learn this with Alexander technique #AT4U
  • Many come to Alexander Technique as a last resort, but they leave having learned the art of effortlessness. #AT4U
  • Alexander Technique gives intimate understanding & experience of our own reactivity & provides a change to it. #at4u
  • Marjory Barlow talks about Alexander Technique #at4u
  • Nice short video about Alexander Technique #at4u
  • Podcast about Postural Release Imagery #pri #at4u #podcast
  • Refresh the perceptual conditioning of routines, so all your senses receive new data in a more subtle, precise & updated form. #AT4u
  • Alexander Technique: perception training of kinetic body motion, for indirectly encouraging deliberate insight. #AT4U
  • Why take AT lessons? #at4u
  • What a little exposure to the AT can do #at4u


  • #AT4U is a hash tag that makes it easy to search for tweets & links to articles about the Alexander Technique on Twitter.
  • A plane can fly on automatic pilot, but for safety it needs conscious control. So do our bodies, learn how with Alexander Technique #AT4U
  • As an Alexander Technique teacher I want to be more interested in helping someone learn than teaching them. #AT4U
  • Calm Up and Tense Down. Bring new balance into your life with Alexander Technique. #at4u
  • Gravity is your friend. Foster this friendship by learning Alexander Technique. #at4u
  • Gravity is no excuse. Learn to let gravity bring you up with Alexander Technique. #at4u
  • Anyone else notice that among other things the Alexander Technique results in mindfulness.....automatically? As in 'be here now'. #at4u
  • Mindful awareness in Buddhism and Alexander Technique #at4u #awareness
  • Alexander Technique: Key for undoing thoughtlessly sent habitual muscle contraction. Awareness, impulse control, grace #AT4u
  • Thinkers and their bodies #at4u #mindbody


  • back pain means it’s time to think differently. Heard of Alexander Technique? #at4u #backpain
  • Take control of your back pain by more ease. Try Alexander Technique. #at4u #ease #backpain
  • more AT back pain studies coming #at4u #backpain

General Health / Pain[]


  • Alexander Technique is an #actor 's trade secret of how to undo physical tension that works as you’re in action #AT4u
  • Alexander Technique is a #musician 's trade secret of how to undo physical tension that works as you’re in action #AT4u


  • Hang loose. Ride the crest of your wave, before it's fallen. Learn Alexander Technique. #at4u

Self Improvement[]

  • Relearn ease in movement. Try Alexander Technique. #at4u #ease
  • Thinking and moving in unity again. Try Alexander Technique. #at4u #unity
  • It Ain't What You Do, It's The Way That You Do It. Learn new ways with Alexander Technique. #at4u
  • Free Movement Limitations. Learn new ways of moving with Alexander Technique. #at4u
  • Gain self-mastery & go beyond habit by studying reactions of movement with Alexander Technique #AT4U
  • Operating Instructions for Human Beings #at4u


  • “We can throw away the habit of a lifetime in a few minutes if we use our brains.”~ F.M. Alexander #at4u
  • "In all mental working be relaxed, gentle, and unhurried for effort defeats itself." Emmet Fox #at4u
  • Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. (Albert Einstein). Try Alexander Technique. #at4u
  • "97% of people with back pain could benefit by learning the Alexander Technique " Jack Stern, spinal neurosurgeon #at4u
  • “However people thought they could change by doing the thing they have always done [...] beats me.” - F.M.Alexander #AT4U
  • “The Alexander Technique is an expansion of the field of consciousness in space and time” Frank Pierce Jones. #AT4U #consciousness
  • “The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” - Samuel Johnson #at4u
  • "Trying almost always involves extra and excesssive tension." Patrick Macdonald #at4u
  • "Thinking is the first part of movement." Marj Barstow #at4u
  • "Education is the name given to the process whereby children are robbed of their natural inheritance." P. Macdonald #at4u
  • "For in the mind of man lies the secret of his ability to resist, to conquer and finally to govern the circumstances of his life" FMA #at4u

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