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Chair work with David Moore

It took me a while to find out that Alexander Technique exists. Until then my jobs were well paid, but hardly satisfying. I worked for more than ten years as computer specialist in the financial service industry, which made me feel more like part of the problem than part of the solution. My desire for a career change brought me from Germany to Melbourne, where I started my AT teacher training in the School for F.M. Alexander Studies in Fitzroy in January 2008.

Chairwork with David during my penultimate term at school

When Rachel Zahn visited our school, she connected in her presentation aspects from science, philosophy and religion to the Alexander Technique, broadening the horizon of my future work and removing the stench of New Age quackery that some people smell when ever they hear about anything off the beaten track.

So I decided to use the skills of my former occupation to provide a collaborative platform for anyone interested in Alexander Technique, while challenging and improving my understanding of AT by writing about it. I blogged about some of my experiences during the teacher training on Intergalactic Network, you can find me on twitter as @EvolvingMeme. On December 1st 2010 I graduated as AUSTAT certified teacher for the Alexander Technique. You can find out more about my practise on my website , or get in touch via email .


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